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Zip Forms Help!

The transition from pre-printed forms will go into effect October 1st. At that time all OREF will be discontinuing printed forms. All blank form access will be through ZipForms. Your ZipForms subscription will provide you will all the OREF forms PLUS all the MLS you need for the MLS that you belong to. To get ready the following links will assist with almost any question you run into. But your tech support staff is also never far away.

zipForm® Plus Introduction (Online Presentation)
zipForm® Plus Basics (Online Presentation)

Here are links to three help documents:

zipForm® Plus Introduction (PDF)
zipForm® Plus Quick start Guide (PDF)
zipForm® Plus Basics Training Guide (PDF)

Do you have questions about using Digital Ink?
Here is a selection of nine videos cover the various aspects of getting electronic signatures through ZipForms using Digital Ink.

Are you ready for YouTube?

PREP has taken on a new marketing effort to take all of your active listings and pull the public remarks, listing data and photos. Then produce a video that gets uploaded to a PREP YouTube channel. There are some great benefits to you for a very minimal cost.

  • Sellers get exposure on YouTube.com the #2 website in the world.

  • Your direct phone numbers and website are promoted on the video.

  • Each broker gets a page with all their listing videos on it.

  • You are provided a QR code to use to get mobile customers to see your videos.

  • You are also provided the "embed code" to insert a video slide show of the different video listings you have on YouTube.

Here is a link to a hand out that you can give to your sellers about it. 

The market is heating up for summer! This is the time when business activity also heats up. This is also a time where you may be getting so busy that you don't have time to maintain some of the basics that generate referral business. Thinks like staying in touch with your sphere.

How about setting your sphere up with a Market Watch Report. This does a couple great things. first, it lets your sphere see what's going on. Second, it reminds them that your in it and to think of you when they hear others talking real estate and houses.

Here are two useful items:

PREP DocuWare!

This exciting tool is a big help to managing your business. By changing to DocuWare you should enjoy much easier access to your files and submitting documents for storage in DocuWare is also easier. You'll have more organized and complete files with DocuWare. To open DocuWare see the link in the navigation section on the left side if this page or the left navigation section on your website control center in the Resources section.

PREP DocuWare How to Guide here
Oregon Statute pertaining to Document handling

New Pages added to PrepOnline:

Click Here if you want a user guide for the phone on your desk.


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